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Featured Products


Perfecto Fins

The latest design from UTD Scuba Equipment a fin that combines the positive features of our rubber fin (UTD Precision) and the positive features of a carbo fiber fin with the ability to customize it to your needs. Traditional rubber fins such as Jet Fin, Turtle and UTD Precision fins typically featured a deeper foot pockets with high side walls that facilitated the backward kick, helicopter turn and sideways kick. However their rubber blade was soft with very little recoil was designed for flutter kicking. We were able to replace this center section with Carbon Fiber. You choose the thickness hence stiffness based on the blade based on your leg strength and power needs. The recoil effect of Carbon Fiber blades give you at least twice the power or better yet you use half the energy.  Best of all we can customize the blade designed to your color or image of choice. To learn more click the above link, or check out vBlogs or chat online with one of our experienced staff.