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UTD Dealer / Reseller Terms and Conditions

UTD Scuba Diving Equipment offers two levels of reseller to scuba diving stores and UTD Instructors. Stocking and Non Stocking. When applying to become a reseller of  UTD Scuba Diving Equipment we require that you sign an agreement requesting a specific level (Stocking or Non-Stocking) for that year. UTD North America or UTD Asia will then review the request and assign your pricing levels based upon the criteria listed below. Listed below are the requirements and benefits for each level. 

Classification and Benefits:

UTD Stocking Dealers Benefits:

  • Ability to purchase and/or resell UTD Products.

  • Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) is in effect as defined by the current price sheet.

  • UTD Dealers will be featured on the UTD Scuba Diving Equipment website as a Stocking Dealer. 

  • Opening order of $500 is required with minimum orders of $100 per invoice.

  • Keyman Program is available

UTD Non Stocking Dealer/Instructor:

  • Ability to purchase and/or resell all UTD products.

  • Minimum Advertising Price (MAP) is in effect as defined by the current price sheet. 

  • Minimum orders of $100 per invoice.

  • UTD Non-Stocking dealers/instructors will be listed on UTD Scuba Diving Equipment as a Non Stocking Dealer.

  • Keyman Program available 

Keyman Program/Rental Pricing - Available to Dealers/Instructors upon request:

  • Requires a signed annual UTD Dealer or Instructor Agreement

  • A minimum order amount of $100 is required.

  • All items are Not For Resale and will be marked so. The warranty is activated and held by the end user the Facilities/Dealer/Instructor. 

  • Allowable quantities per year per Keyman order will be determined by Regional Partners. Designed for personal or professional use, to be used in front of UTD customers and/or students.

  • Keyman person must fill out and submit the Keyman Order Form to the Regional Partner for approval. If the Keyman is not a UTD Instructor then the dealer must sign the form in addition to the Keyman.

  • Rental Equipment purchases are designed for Facilities/Dealer/Instructor or Affiliate rental department use. (not retail) All rental orders must be place on the Rental Order Form and submitted to the Regional Partner for approval.  

Drop Shipping:

All stocking Dealer and non-stocking Dealers/Instructors requesting “Drop Ships” will only receive 10% off of the current Minimum Advertised Price (Retail) as defined in the current UTD Equipment Price Book.

UTD Dealers and Instructors:

  • UTD Dealers or Instructors must sign an annual UTD Agreement.

  • UTD products can only be sold through authorized UTD Dealers, and Instructors, either in store, in person or through an online system. 

  • UTD Dealers or Instructors in a specific region, may only advertise the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) listed in that Region’s Dealer Pricing Sheet or Retail (MAP) Pricing Sheet. If no regional price sheets are available or dealers are using Dollar currency as a Retail price, then pricing may only be advertised according to the Minimum Advertising Pricing (MAP) as listed on the North American Dealer Price Sheet or the UTD Scuba Diving Equipment website. 

  • UTD Dealers, and Instructors may discount a maximum of 10% from MAP.  Any further discounts must be authorized by the UTD Regional Partner.

  • All prices quoted to UTD Dealers, and Instructors are in local currency used by UTD Regional Partners and do not include shipping, customs, duties, sales tax or VAT.

  • Purchases Orders through the UTD Scuba Diving Equipment website are subject to the current prices reflected at the time of order. Manual orders (fax, email, phone and/or verbal) are subject to a $25 per order surcharge due to the labor required to process the order. .

  • Prices are subject to change without notice. All published prices will hold for at least 90 days.

  • All drop ships will be sold at the drop ship fee, Dealers/Instructor buying levels will NOT apply. 

  • Any discrepancies in shipment must be reported within 7 working days.

  • UTD North America or UTD Asia reserves the right to accept or reject any order.

  • All returns require an RA number and will not be accepted without the proper RA number. A restocking fee of 20% will be applied to any returned product.

  • UTD Dealers or Instructors are expected to deliver all UTD products in a professional manner. This may include POP Displays, formal class/training programs and/or product orientation that at a minimum familiarizes the customer with the product, it’s setup and use, and it’s after dive care and maintenance.

  • UTD accepts no liability or responsibility for accidents or incidents occurring during the use of its products. If a UTD Dealers, and Instructors is in any doubt about a piece of equipment, contact UTD North America or UTD Asia and appropriate education/training/practice can be arranged.

  • UTD Dealers, and Instructors provide the “first contact” for all inquiries, customer concerns, equipment service, maintenance and repairs. UTD recommends that UTD Dealers, and Instructors be trained and qualified to service all UTD products.

  • UTD Dealers, and Instructors must maintain a FREE account at UTD Scuba Diving Equipment.

  • UTD Dealers, and Instructors must provide UTD North America or UTD Asia with a current address, phone, email, and logo.


  • UTD North America or UTD Asia operate on a prepay basis only. No product is shipped without conformation of payment.

  • Billing is done through a means appropriate to the ordering method. This may include, but is not limited to online payments (Paypal, M/C / Visa, Amex), phone payments (M/C / Visa, Amex), wire transfers, or company check. No COD’s.

  • All phone orders will require a faxed or scan/emailed credit card authorization form. The UTD Dealers, and Instructors have an option to leave this card on file with UTD North America or UTD Asia.

  • Freight will be boxed and ready to ship upon receipt of payment.

  • Backorders will be billed and shipped as soon as inventory is received by UTD North America or UTD Asia.

  • UTD North America or UTD Asia shall respond to any UTD Dealers, and Instructors claim or complaint within 30 days of receipt and a credit memo will be issued where appropriate. If for any reason a claim is found to be completely or partially invalid, and no credit memo is issued, the UTD Dealers, and Instructors shall be notified in writing by UTD North America or UTD Asia. 

  • Returned checks or declined payments will be subject to a handling charge of $100 per item.  Any fees necessitated by any collection action on account will be added to the amount due.

  • Freight will be applied to all orders and included in the forwarded invoice.

Shipping and Freight Terms

  • All shipments to UTD Dealers and Instructors are F.O.B. UTD North America, or UTD Asia. 

  • Delivery to carrier constitutes delivery to purchaser. Claims for damage in transit must be filled with the carrier within 10 days after receipt of merchandise.

  • Any processing costs for customs or unusual requirements or requests must be approved prior to shipment and included on the invoice.

  • A handling fee may be added to cover the cost of shipping materials.

  • UTD Dealers or Instructors may make arrangements for freight pickup with a carrier of their own. A handling fee may still be applied to the invoice for packing and shipping materials.

  • Local pickup is at UTD North America or UTD Asia requires approval and must be arranged with at least 24 hours notice.

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