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E-Video Light

E-Video Light

UTD E-Video Light 50


Designed for the videographer or photographer who is looking for a superior video light that provides a wide even coverage of 6000k light. This video light is self contained (no light cords) and has a 160 degree wide beam, that is as bright as a 50w HID video light. It has a 4 hour burn-time, yet it is small and compact enough to fit on a point and shoot camera (GoPro) without weighing it down and best of all they are easy to travel with - The LiIon battery is 3.7v/4.4 amp or 16.28 watt/hr well within the airline limits.

The biggest feature is that the light is autonomus and the battery is mounted on the video light head. NO MORE LIGHT CORDS OR E/O Splitters. It is super robust, indestructible and will last a lifetime. The E-Light video LED light head is mounted on standard ultra light arm ball, with a Mini E-Light battery canisters, 1 x 3.7v/4.4 amp Liion battery(26650) and a charger. It comes charged and ready to shoot. Click Here for information. 

Features and Benefits

  • A 10w, 5000 lum LED Head with a 160 degree wide angle beam - it is as bright as a 50w HID video light.
    • Small and Low Profile LED E-Light. Head and Battery canister are mounted on a standard ultra light arm ball for easy attachment to any video/camera light arms or video/camera housing
    • Wide angled, even coverage light at 6000k color temperature
  • Video LED light head and battery canister have no switch or other penetrations. Twist to turn on.
  • Triple o-ring sealed battery canister
    • Provides 4+ hours of light 
    • Small, compact and lightweight 
    • Uses a 3.7v / 4.4 amp LiIon battery (26650). Extra batteries are availible.
  • 1.0 lbs/0.45kg total weight including charger - easy to travel with, even in your hand luggage.
  • CE Marked and Approved
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship
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