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Perfecto Fins

Perfecto Fins

Perfercto Carbon Fiber Fins


The Perfecto Fin is the ultimate in design, comfort, style and performance. It’s the combination of a rubber foot pocket, similar to that of the UTD Precision Fin, and a carbon fiber blade for power, to make this the "Perfect" fin.


The rubber foot pocket (sizes M, L, XL/XXL) features (Sizes M, L, XL/XXL) include a deep foot pocket with a solid sole to help transfer the power from the foot to the blade, the ability to attached our Stainless Steel Spring Straps (Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL) and most importantly high sidewalls that allow for easy backward kicks and very precise positioning strokes and movements. Then we attach an interchangable carbon fiber blade that come in three thicknesses - 0.5mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm each providing a balance between power and stiffness. Carbon fiber is incredibly flexible and strong but most important has a full recoil or snap back which provide additional power at the end of the power stroke. Unlike rubber blades which have very little snap back and remain flaccid after the power stroke, carbon fiber’s recoil / SnapBack provide twice the power over rubber fins.


As they come in three different thickness you can balance power needs. A recreational diver using a single tank does not need a lot of power to mover a thin wetsuit and single tank through the water and certainly may not want to power a stiff blade, so the 1.5mm blade may be more than they need. The 0.7mm blade become the blade of choice. A technical diver hauling 6 tanks and drysuit through the water may need much more power and therefore a stiffer blade such as the 1.5mm would work much better . The blades take 1 minute to exchange. We even offer free-diving blades for those that do both scuba diving and free-diving.


The blades currently ship with a fish tale design that allows for the cupping of the water like a swimmers hand. This gives the blade even more power, however the blades can be customized in shape, color and design to your needs. We can even print your favorite picture on your fins. Another advantage is for travel in that they only weigh 1.7lbs/0.8kgs and fit in a small backpack. They are neutral to negatively buoyant based on the thickness of the blade. O.7 been neutral and 1.5mm been 0.8lbs/0.35kg negative.


Check out this video for more details.


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