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Recreational Single Tank Back Mount System

Recreational Single Tank Back Mount System

SKU: 200-200-900-9133

UTD Recreational DIR Single Tank Back Mount System - 30lbs/13kg with Stainless Steel Backplate

This package is designed for single tank recreational (sport) divers. It is composed of a Sport Donut Wing (Upto 30lbs/14kg lift) - your choice of color Red, Black, Pink, Purple, Blue, soft backplate or a stainless steel (6lbs/ 3 mm) backplate or Aluminum Backplate with complete DIR harness and a stainless steel STA with two cam straps, . Just fasten on a single tank, add a regulator and a diver and off you go.


Features and Benefits

  • Complete package...just attach to a single tank, add a regulator and off you go
  • Includes a single tank traditional style 30lbs / 14 kgs donut back mount wing which allows gas to flow in a circular direction therefore not trapping air on one side
  • Easy dump air from the left handed rear dump valve or OPV
  • Power inflator that is reliable and robust and has never being recall
  • Extremely low profile single tank wing
  • Comes with two cam buckle tank straps
  • Heavy duty 1000 cordura cover on the wing to protect inner bladder
  • STD Stainless steel backplate or Soft Backplate


 30lbs / 13kg Donut Wing

  • DIR Donut style wing for single tank diving
  • Power Inflator 
  • 30 lbs / 13 kg 
  • Cover Cordura 1000
  • High-frequency welded inner tube 26.1mil
  • Color: Black, Red, Purple, Pink, Blue


Soft Backpalte or Stainless Steel Backplate

  • Soft Back Plate or Stainless steel Backplate or Aluminum Backplate
  • UTD/DIR/Hogarthian style single piece webbing harness
  • Stainless-steel D-rings and triglide stoppers
  • Stainless-steel waist buckle
  • Adjustable crotch strap
  • Stainless stell Knife and Knife pocket
  • Stainless steel Single Tank Adapter with two stainless steel buckle cam straps
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