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Precision Fins

Precision Fins

UTD Precision Fins


The perfect fin for perfect power, perfect precision and perfect buoyancy 



  • Short, wide blade with soft arc in the center to cup the water
  • Option:
    • Negative for Drysuti Diving
    • Neutral is freshwater, positive in saltwater, to help promote proper trim and balance to the wetsuit, shortie or diver with a skin on.
  • Comfortable deep foot pocket to allow for use of full feet for power
  • 4 sizes to fit all Divers (M, L, XL, XXL)
  • Option
    • Pre Installed Stainless Steel Spring Strap
    • Pre Installed Heavy Duty Dual Bungee Heel Straps
  • Thick sidewalls for great backward kicking
  • Durable and long lasting specialized rubber compound for neutral buoyancy in fresh water and slightly positive in saltwater.



  • Rubber Rigid fin
  • Open heel with heavy duty stainless steel spring strap or dual bungee cord straps
  • M, L, XL, XXL Sizes to fits all divers
  • Thick tall side walls
  • Drain holes in foot pocket
  • Negative or Neutrally Buoyant fin in fresh water, slightly positive in saltwater
  • Weight:
    • Negative fins - Size XL is 3lbs 6oz / 1.53 kgs and Jet Fins are 3lbs 12oz / 1.7kgs with spring strap)
    • Neutral fins - Size XL is 2lbs 10oz / 1.19 Kgs and Jet Fins are 3lbs 12oz / 1.7kgs with spring strap)


Sizing Chart PDFs

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