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Isolatable Manifold

Isolatable Manifold

SKU: 200-200-700-2018

Isolatable Manifold

Features and Benefits

Two Versions

  • Brass - Weighs 3lbs/1.3kg. Great for drysuit diving and when you need the extra weight high up.
  • Delrin with brass insert - Weighs 0.5lbs/0.20kg. Great for No shirt/3mm wetsuit diving and if you don’t need/want the weight on top.


  • Mounts on a standard Z-Harness top plate or Softplate or Backplate with adpater
  • 8 ports for input or output
  • 4 Right Side Ports (Primary regulator, BCD LP hose, Input hose, RB Diluent hose)
  • 4 Left Side Ports (BAck-Up Regulator, Drysuit LP Hose, Input Hose, Diluent Hose)
  • Isolator is a standard Scuba Isolator on a manifold for backags doubles
  • Isolator Open - Gas is allowed to all 8 ports
  • Isolator Closed - Gas is seperated in left and right side (4 ports each)
  • Ideology is excatly the same as UTD/DIR Backgas Doubles (Open during dive, all regulators and BCD/Drysuit and Dil functioning, Closed during emergency, so left and right side)
  • Intended for overhead environments to support redundancy regulator theory
  • Connect your long hose, necklace hose, bcd hose and drysuit hose plus RB Diluent for mCCR and PSCR Rebreathers
  • Isolator knob is located right behind divers head for easy access (much easier than set of doubles)
  • Isolator knob protrudes slightly out of Z-Trim Manifold Cover and/or Z-Plus Trim device allowing for easy access
  • Allows for 2 inputs and 6 outputs
  • Allows for isolation into 1 input and 3 outputs per side

This product was designed to be compatible with the Z-Side-mount system, attaches to the standard z-harness or soft plate or backplate and allows the diver to input in the left and right side of the manifold and then isolate the left 4 ports from the right 4 ports if need be. Very similar in theology to back mounted twin tank diving in that one would use an isolatable manifold when diving double tanks. This now allows the divers to configure their Z-Side-Mount System 100% compatible to their back-mounted system, in that the right side is primary side and consists of a long hose, a bcd inflator hose and the right side QC6 input. The left side consists of a necklaced back-up regulator, drysuit hose if needed and the left side QC6 input. When the Z Isolator manifold knob is open all 8 ports are inter connected and therefore everything is open to the gas moving freely between the right and left side. If the diver was to have an issue, lets say a primary regulator fails, lets say open and free flowing or the diver was to blow an o-ring on the long hose, the diver can can now "isolate" the left side from the right side, which means they can switch to the backup necklaced hose which is connected to the left side, isolate and disconnect the right side air tank tanks, therefore eliminating the risk of lossing all gas from the left side tank and from the right side tank. In other words this isolatable manifold eliminates the single point of failure which exists with a regular manifold distribution block. This product is great for those divers that are progressing beyond recreational side-mount diving into technical and overhead environments side-mount diving.

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