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Cross Over Alpha/Delta System Backmount or Side Mount BCD

Cross Over Alpha/Delta System Backmount or Side Mount BCD

Cross Over Alpha/Delta Backmount or Side Mount BCD

This BCD is desigedn for recreational divers who want to back-mount or side-mount their cylinder/s (steel or aluminum) on a standard stainless steel backplate or a soft backplate or Z-Harness or Aluminum Backplate for either warm or cold water diving. The system is composed of a Alpha/Delta PRO or Camo Trim Device that has up-to 30 lbs / 14kg of lift, a stainless-steel (SS) backplate or a Soft Back Plate or a Z-Harness or a Aluminum Backplate, a Stainless Steel Single Tank adapter with two cam tank straps.


Features and Benefits

  • Complete hybrid crossover (back-mount or side mount) system
  • Includes an Alpha/Delta PRO or CAMO Trim Device/Wing
  • Designed for horizontal diving position
  • Easy dump air from left rear dump OPV and from LP hose. The OPV can be exchange to the right side if desired.
  • Power inflator is located on the top of the wing however it can be moved to the bottom right or left if side-mount is desired
  • SS Backplate or Soft Backplate or Z-Harness or Aluminum Backplate just add weight to the system plus a Single Tank Adapter is included
  • Comes with two Cam Buckle Tank Straps to attach the back-mount single tank & two side mount bunbees
  • 5 year warranty


30lbs / 14 Kg Alpha/Delta PRO or Camo Trim/Wing

  • Alpha/Delta PRO or CAMO  trim device for back-mount or Side-mount diving or can be use for singe/double tank side-mount diving.
  • One wing works for warm water and cold water diving. No need for a 20lbs/9kg wing or a 30lbs/14kg wing or a 40lbs/23kg. 
  • Super Low Profile and Streamline.
  • Always stays snug to your body. No wing flapping around or "Taco"ing - Significantly Reduces Drag and Dynamic Instability. 
  • Dumps from left OPV and the top mounted LP hose. 
  • The OPV and Inflator can be interchanged for bottom left side, bottom right side or top of trim device as desired. 
  • Correct position of the lift cell to keep you in the horizontal prone position - Hence Trim Device. 
  • Upto 30lbs / 14 kg Lift
  • SS Single Tank Adapter is included


 Soft Back Plate, Stainless Steel Backplate Or Z-Harness or Aluminum Backplate

  • UTD/DIR/Hogarthian style single piece webbing harness
  • Stainless-steel D-rings and tri-glide stoppers
  • Stainless-steel waist buckle
  • Adjustable crotch strap
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