Openwater Class / Rec 1 Class Crew Pack

Openwater Class Crew Pack


This crew pack is the materials needed for the UTD Opernwater Class or the Recreational 1 (Rec 1) Class. If you want a Printed Openwater Diver Book, a USB stick of the Skill Videos, a UTD Log Book and the UTD Dive Tables Slate then this Openwater Crew Pack is what you need. It come with a FREE unique one time use online code (Value $99.95) which allows you to register with any UTD Instrtuctor and take their Openwater Class or Rec 1 class. You simply scratch off the layer covering the class code, then redeem it  (enter the code) when you are aksed for payment during the registration and/or purchase of your online class for the Openwater Class or Rec 1.


Inlcuded in the Openwater Class / Rec 1 Crew Pack:

  • Printed Openwater / Rec 1 Book
  • USB Drive with OW/Rec 1 Skills
  • UTD Log Book
  • UTD Dive Tables Slate
  • UTD Online Class Code Card ($99.95 Value)
  • UTD Sticker
  • UTD Fin Key Chain