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Regulator Repair and Service Technician

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Need to become a factory certified Regulator Technician or want to service your own regulators and need to purchase the parts kits then this online course is for you. It is also a great class for those that just want to understand how to service regulators and then essentials "Field Service" their own regulator. It also acts as the "required online course" to be completed in order to purchase UTD Regulator Service Kits to be able to service your own regulator. If you are a scuba professional who is already certified to service other brands of regulators then this is a great reference class for you to be able service UTD Regulators and others and it is free to you. If you are wanting to become a Professional Regulator Technician then this class acts as a first step towards "Full Certification." The second step would be to work in a hands on class with a UTD Regulator Service Instructor to become fully certified for insurance purposes.

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Regulator Technician


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